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Qrofiles is an innovative, business oriented social platform that provides users with a secure and intuitive way to organize, manage, and share information & automatization of processes & tasks, using the latest technologies (AI, QR, Cloud, Etc)

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Qrofiles gives users greater control over what information they share and how they share it. It does this by allowing them to create profiles for their individual entities or personas. These profiles con have contact information links and multimedia publications & management of ideas, thoughts, articles, books, documents, products, services, videos, payments, sales, clients, patients, providers, customers, students, employees, etc., also these profiles can be related to each other as clients, providers, etc. and their information is easily share in secure and control manner via QR Codes or by one button click to share to other social networks.

Access to the information can be restricted to the data item level and your profiles information page show all entities that have access to it. For commercial and organization profiles QRCs.Me offers commercial operations controls that can be used as point of sale system (POSS), also has the ability to control purchases, loses and many other operation. The operations control can work directly with the commercial publications of your profile and that can tide to online payment gate way of your choice. These profile publication are of various nature, images, videos, products, services, etc. They also can hold small apps (AddIns) on them and work with databases or external API, and together can make a complex and functional system for your organization.

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  • Master form with record list
  • Single record form
  • Graphics charts width master form
  • interactive Map width records
  • Image Chart interaction
    • Dentist Odontogram
    • Doctor Human body
    • Veterinary Animals
  • Warehouse
  • Document/Image OCR
  • Store/shop
  • AI Ideas Development
  • AI Assistant sale/customer service/support
  • Custom Code/Scripts
  • Calendar View
  • Calendar form
  • Legal forms
  • Signatures & ageements
  • Education/class/course
  • Document print queue
  • Logs: personal, personalize, system
  • Checking/clock in/out
  • Feature/post by categories

This platform is a good fit for Entrepreneurs, Micro, Small and Medium organizations. It can also be used by large enterprises since it has the ability to interface with other systems, platforms and databases. Base functionality and support have no cost and you can use this platform FREE of charge. Add-ins, advance support and assistance may have a cost depending on the provider or add-in functionality.

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