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Abraham Maslow
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Mon Nov 6 2023, 10:27 pm
What is QRCs.Me & how can I used it for sales & business

QRCs.Me is a social platform and it allows you to:

  • Create multiple profiles (personal, commercial, etc) with their respective digital card
  • Create links in those profile for contact, utilities, etc
  • Create publication items for events, food, trips, products, projects, etc
  • Create publications of product, service & content that you can sale on-line and off-line (in person)
  • Control de sales, purchase and other operations of those products, content and services
  • Allows for the visualization of operations remote & in real time
  • Create and control relationship with other profiles like employees, clients, providers, patients, etc
  • Link related publications in hierarchical order
  • Share with other user or profile of profiles at different levels of access (multi-user)
  • Easy share your profiles or publication items with one click or through a QRC
  • Restrict access to profiles or publication by user & entity
  • Add advance functionality to your profiles by using AddIn code
  • Much more functionality

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